About Us

In a country where careers are almost entirely dependent on an individual’s ability to clear competitive exams, BKN Academy is a new face in the Academia which aims to strive for trust and assurance clearly acknowledging the depth of test preparation as the most important academic activity of every Indian student. The Academy offers coaching for various competitive exams including IIT, PMT & Foundations.

  • Exhaustive Course Content.
  • Unparalled, uncomparable team of teachers.
  • Separate specialised teachers for every section.
  • Focus on tricks and short cuts in Maths and reasoning.
  • Adequate competitive environment among students.
  • Trail Classes(2-3)Days,Free notes,Free Library.
  • Student-friendly faculty members, always available to guide you.
  • Free Transportation for Girls Students(With in 20 Km).
  • Regular Exam Alerts and Application Assistance.
  • Mock Interviews with Video Recording Facility.


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Our Vision

The Core purpose of BKN Acadmey is to provide education and service for the development of society. The Academy is committed to Excellence, Innovation, and Student Satisfaction and Development through self and shared efforts.

Our Mission

Education, in order to be effective and fruitful, must be ” Man-making’, that is., it must bring about an integrated development or personality in a student. This can be achieved only, if a student is being brought up in a congenial atmosphere. The primary aim of the B.K.N. Academy is, to prepare students academically and mentally strong. It enables student from economically weaker section of the society to take up an illustrious career as officer in the Armed Forces of the nation. Character building, dedication, patriotic outlook and esprit-de-corps’ are the qualities, which are promoted by B.K.N. Academy.

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